Welcome to my website. I am a researcher with LinKaGe Lab (UMass Amherst & Smith College).

My PhD was completed in November 2015 under the supervision of Prof Alexandre Borovik at the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester. You can find it here.

Currently I am working with Prof Ileana Streinu on Algebraic Matroids and Rigidity Theory. We have introduced the operation of Combinatorial Resultant on graphs and were the first to compute non-trivial Circuit Polynomials in the Algebraic Rigidity Matroid. Our algorithms outperform standard Gröbner basis methods dramatically: computations that took days are reduced to a couple of seconds.

My other interests in Mathematics revolve around Grothendieck’s Esquisse, specifically the theory of dessins d’enfants, and the representation theory of Brauer Graph and Brauer Configuration Algebras. In particular, in joint work with Prof Sibylle Schroll from the Universität zu Köln, I am introducing homological and representation-theoretic tools to the study of the absolute Galois group of Q via its action on dessins d’enfants.

I have silently been converted to a Computer Scientist. I am mostly interested in Computational Geometry and Computational Algebra. Currently I’m trying to force my GPU to compute Sylvester Resultants of very large multi-variate polynomials (with more than a million terms).

I disliked Elon Musk before it was cool.